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New Years Resolutions

Happy 2016 everyone!

Every new year I, along with countless other people, I pledge to change something for the better. Sometimes we pledge to go outside more, read more books or eat healthier . Two years back I decided to stop hating winter and start enjoying it, so I bought myself a pair of cross country skis and never looked back. Last year, one of the coldest and snowiest winters on record I may add- despite all of the great skiing I was doing, something was still missing. I got a bit overzealous and decided to start my garden extra early. I was going to have the biggest, baddest veggie plants on the block! Needless to say, my cucurbits started flowering indoors and stunted their growth, so I had to start all over again once the frost broke outdoors.

This year though, this year is going to be great! The winter hasn’t been too bad, I have learned a lot from my mistakes and I moved into new house with a huge amount of space just waiting to be gardened. I’ve even persuaded my partner to build a new grow rack for our sunroom over the winter so I can get a (not to) early start on the tomatoes and peppers.

If you are anything like me, you are patiently awaiting the arrival of spring so you can get growing. In addition, you might be wondering where is a good place to get heirloom and open pollinated seeds? Well, I would say first check out the collection of seeds at the Huntsville Public Library. Last year was our first “borrowing” season and we lent out about 100 packages of seed. We have a range of heirloom and organic seed types from vegetables, herbs, ornamental and native plants ready for the 2016 growing season.

If you are looking to garden on a larger scale, check out some of these great organic and heirloom seed sources:

  1. Heritage Harvest Seeds
  2. The Cottage Gardener
  3. Seeds of Diversity

Happy seed shopping! Stay tuned for our next post about head starting seeds indoors.